Latest Invisible Ink Cheating Cards Contact Lenses V23

Our latest infrared contact lens V23 is one of the best contact lenses for marking playing cards. Contact lenses are more complicated than playing cards.

With infrared contact lenses and infrared-marked playing cards, you can imagine winning easily at poker because you can see all the cards in other people’s hands.

As we all know, the human eye cannot see infrared rays, so use this feature to mark the infrared rays on the back of the playing cards.

Because our marked playing cards are based on real playing cards such as Bicycle, Bee, Copag, Fournier and more.

Our infrared marked playing cards look just like normal playing cards so no one will know you are using fraudulent cards.

Similarly, our infrared contact lenses are based on the best ordinary contact lenses. There is an infrared (ultraviolet) filter in the center of the contact lens. This filter allows infrared light to pass through to the visible light of the human eye. changed to

Marker Cards Infrared Contact Lens Filters

You can see the filter in the picture below, which is purple. Seeing this, some people may have doubts, “My eyes are blue, not purple.” This is not your pupil, it is your iris blue. Come with me and you will know all about it.

Infrared Contact Lenses

In the image below, you can see that the pupil is black regardless of the color of the iris. As you know, black becomes black when all colors are added. Also, when I wear contact lenses, the filter turns black.. because my pupils are black.

Contact Lenses

So you can wear them without worrying that people won’t notice you’re wearing fake contact lenses.

Weight 0.2 kg
Water Content



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