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Bee No.92 Marked playing cards have invisible markings on the back, these faint invisible markings are undetectable unless the user wears special infrared contact lenses. You can clearly see a large lettering on the Bee No.92 marked playing cards.

Bee is a casino card brand under the USPCC, which is also owned by Bicycle, KEM, Fournier, and Aviator. Many big casinos accept bee poker because of its high quality. It is one of the Bee playing card series.

Bee No.92 Marked Playing Cards are made of plastic coated paper. They are not as durable as plastic cards, but are more durable than regular paper playing cards. Easy to shuffle. And the cards are somewhat waterproof. Bee No.92 US Poker Cheat Cards can be used for most casino poker games such as Blackjack, Texas Hold’em and more.

Cellular Cards for Blackjack Cheat

Take blackjack, for example, a poker game in which players must add up the points on the cards. Blackjack is the largest hand known as blackjack, and the number of points cannot exceed 21. Bee No.92 American Standard Poker can increase your chances of winning in gambling. Can.

Weight 0.1 kg



Blue, Red

Cards Reader

Camera Analyzer, Contact Lenses


IR Ink, UV Ink




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