The Bicycle Ultimate Marked Deck

The Bicycle ultimate marked deck is a factory printed Bicycle Rider Back mark deck. It is available in both red or blue. The deck is produced with Bicycle’s popular Magic finish and air cushion style embossing, and comes with a double backer and two Jokers. It’s a good choice for any magician looking for a marked deck that has the advantages of a Rider Back design but without the extra expense of having a Mandolin or Maiden Back.

The Ultimate Marked Deck is one the easiest to read marked decks. It’s manufactured on Bicycle Rider Back cards by USPCC, and is available in both red and blue.

Unlike other marked decks, the markings on this deck are located on the body of the card (in the lower left corner) rather than on the face. This makes it less likely for spectators to spot the markings as they tend not to look at the top of cards when searching for them.

This was the result of extensive research by the creator to determine where people are most likely look first when scanning a deck. Ted Lesley’s book, “Reader Magic”, inspired this idea.

There are many different marking decks on the marketplace, but none have a similar system. They all use white rubon transfers to apply markings to the backs. This allows for small, easily readable and easily identifiable markings.

Other decks like the Boris Wild Marked Deck and the GT Speedreader have much smaller markings that are a bit harder to spot, because they’re located on the back of the card rather than on the front. This makes it easier and more difficult to conceal the markings, by placing them in different positions.

If you are a magician familiar with the GT Speedreader you will be happy to know that the marks of this deck are smaller than those in the Boris Wild Marked Deck. This allows you to get more power out of the deck, while also reducing your costs and increasing your performance potential.

This is an excellent deck to add into your arsenal. With the tutorial videos included with your purchase, you’ll be well-equipped to make the most of it. You’ll learn how to read the markings so they don’t get missed, and also some useful routines for using them together with other moves.

The markings don’t use a specific symbol or code to reveal each card’s identifiers. You can also hand out the deck to your spectators without fear of them spotting the marks, as they’ll only be able to read them once you tell them what they are.