Invisible Ink Contact Lenses For Cheating Cards

Invisible Ink Contact Lenses For Cheating Cards

Invisible ink contacts lenses are a unique poker cheating device that allows users to read marked cards. They are a great tool if you enjoy playing poker, blackjack, or any other type of card game.

Luminous Ink Contact Lenses are the most discreet way to read invisible marks in luminous marked playing card backs. The purple part allows your eyes to receive IR light that is invisible to humans. It allows you to see the luminous marks on the back of these cards.

These contacts will work with all brands of UV luminous card marked cards. They do not cause irritation like other contacts. You can even wear them for magic tricks!

They are made with the exact same material as regular contact lens. They are lightweight and comfortable. They are ideal for those who wish to conceal their identity and keep that private.

The lenses have small filters made of purplish that allow you read luminous ink markings from the backs. These glasses are far more effective than traditional glasses.

These contact lenses can be ordered with a range of filter sizes, from four millimeters up to nine millimeters. You can also customize the contact lenses to meet your needs.

This is a professional set of luminous ink contact lenses for reading marked playing cards (Bee brand or Bicycle). The package contains 2 sets of our contact lens, protective bottles, a case with tweezers, and a deck Bee or Bicycle marked playing cards.

They can be adjusted to fit a variety of eye colors and are lightweight and comfortable. They are also breathable and won’t cause irritation to the eyes. They are an excellent choice for those who want to conceal and keep their identity private.

They can be bought in store or online at Golden Sunshine. They can be bought in packs of 5 or 10, and come with an instructional book that will show you how to use the luminous Ink contact lenses properly and how they should be stored so they don’t lose any effectiveness.

These lenses are very easy to use. Simply place the lenses on your face, and then wait for the IR / ultraviolet light to focus your vision.

These IR/UV contact lens can be used with any brand or level of UV marked cards. It is ideal for beginners, and can be a useful cheating accessory for experienced players.

It is perfect for Texas Holdem, Omaha and blackjack, as well as any other game. You can also use these luminous ink contact lenses in magic shows and other types of entertainment.

These lenses are available both in black and clear. The clear version is for people with lighter-colored eyes. The lens can be worn for long periods of time and is very lightweight.